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Bingo Dictionary

For new players, there are many important terms which need to be understood before and during the bingo game.

What does the bingo dictionary do?
The bingo dictionary shows the meanings of certain key words which players will come in contact with each time the bingo game is played. Many of these words are important for players in understanding how the game works.

What are some words in the bingo dictionary?
Some of the words in the bingo dictionary are:

Bingo Bonuses
Bingo bonuses are the different types of bonuses which online bingo sites offer players which encourage players to register with these specific websites.

Bingo Rooms
Bingo rooms are the virtual spaces where online bingo players can gather and play different bingo games online such as the 90-ball, 75-ball, 30-ball etc.

Bingo Tickets
Bingo tickers are the tickets which players in the online bingo game have, which are also known as bingo cards.

BOGOF Bingo (Buy One Get One Free)
This is an online bingo promotion where players pay for one ticket and get the second ticket free – with twice the chance of winning,

The buy-in means that players can purchase bingo tickets (either with real cash or bonuses) through the bingo account.

Chat Host
Chat host is the person responsible for moderating the affairs in the chat room on the bingo website, and are usually employed by the website and keep the chat lively and the rules adhered to.

The deposit is the money the online bingo player uses to fund the account which can be via debit or credit card, bank transfer or PayPal.

Deposit Bonus
A deposit bonus is the bonus offered by online bingo sites which encourages players to make deposits and fund bingo accounts.

Double Bingo
The double bingo is a winning pattern in the 75-ball bingo where players need to complete two line combination to win (horizontal, vertical, and diagonal).

Four Corners
The four corners is a pattern in the 75-ball bingo card where the four corners of the card have to be covered for players to win.

Free/No-Deposit Bingo
The free/no deposit bingo is where bingo sites allow players to try out bingo games without making any deposit in their bingo account.

Full House
A full house is when the three lines in the 90-ball bingo have been completed.

The payout is the money which can be withdrawn from a players online bingo account.

Roomies are the players who chat together in the bingo chat room.

Single Bingo
The single bingo is the winning pattern in the 75-ball bingo that has to be completed by a player to win.

Triple Bingo
The triple bingo is one of the winning patterns in the 75-ball bingo where players need to complete three lines to win (any combination of horizontal, vertical, and diagonal).