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Bingo Chat

The Bingo Chat room always gives players something to chat about. From new players to experienced players, there’s a lot to be learnt by chatting with members of the bingo community from all over the world. As part of the bingo game experience, bingo chat enables players to communicate, share ideas and tips on how to be successful bingo players.

What can be done in the bingo chat room?

In the bingo chat room, players can send messages to players or moderators through the chat box window. Emoticons, emojis and smiley’s can all be shared, making the experience fun and playful. Also, private messages can be shared between players and for players who are used to the bingo hall experience; the bingo chat room recreates the same atmosphere of a real bingo hall.

Who are the bingo chat room host?

The Bingo Chat Host in the bingo chat room are akin to Master of Ceremonies (MC’s) who pass across important information. The Bingo Chat Host normally makes announcements in the bingo chat room – especially when special offers are on hand. Also, the chat host serves as the moderator and ensure that the rules of the bingo chat room is followed – preventing foul language, ensuring politeness and cordiality at all times. Also, the Bingo Chat Room Host are specially trained to ensure that questions are responded to and provide support where necessary

What are bingo chat room etiquette?

Like every other chat room, the bingo chat room has its own etiquette which players need to abide by. As it may differ amongst many bingo providers, the essence of the etiquette in the chat room remains the same. The chat room etiquette is simply based on dos and don’ts such as:

  • Do not argue
  • Do not discriminate – sexual, racial or ethnic etc.
  • Do not disrespect the Bingo Chat Host/Moderator
  • Do not take up a false identity or impersonate someone else
  • Do not insult, hassle, harass or provoke other players
  • Do not use the chat the room to make complaints or queries
  • Do not advertise, promote or market your company
  • Do not use profanity, vulgar and colourful language
  • Do not use unsavoury chat names
  • Do not share personal details – email, phone number, address etc.
  • Do not meet anyone acquaintance in the chat room outside the chat room
  • Do ensure courtesy and pleasantness to newbies
  • Do not spam the chat room with the same message
  • Do not, as much as possible use CAPITAL LETTERS – this means shouting or expressing annoyance in the online world

The list is not exhaustive, as there are many things players must refrain from doing while in the bingo room. For players who fail to adhere to the rules in the bingo chat room, the moderators can ban such player.

Are bingo chat games available?
Some bingo providers offer bingo chat games where players not only chat, but also play games in the process such as mirror, double mirror or big mirror and many games which are available on blue1bingo.com.