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30-ball online bingo

This is one of the most popular online bingos and in this bingo; players stand the chance of winning a lot. The cards are much smaller when compared to others. Also, these cards have been lined up horizontally in rows and columns of three. What this means is that players only have the chance to mark off nine numbers altogether.

How can one play 30-ball online bingo?

With its balls number 1-30, the 30-ball online bingo game is easy to play. It has a few number of balls when compared to other popular ball online bingos and for players who play online, speed is essential as this game moves quicker than other bingo games – hence its nickname speed bingo.

How can one win on 30-ball online bingo?

The 30-ball bingo is one of the easiest bingo to win from when playing because of its speed. Most importantly, to win when playing the 30-ball online bingo; since it has a 3×3 card, players need to fill the cards with the correct numbers which is mainly up to chance.

Many sites have different wins per game, and to find out what is on offer, blue1bingo.com can provide a guide. For other sites, players who have three wins are given prizes for one line which is 3 numbers, two lines which is 6 numbers and the full house is 9 numbers.

This means that players can either have one line, two lines or three lines – making one, two or three wins, and this can be seen in many other sites such as bellabingo.com or many other top bingo sites such as mamutbingo.com.

What is the 30-ball online bingo game card?
The 30-ball online bingo game card has 3 rows and 3 columns – which is nice spaces in total which are all occupied by numbers. The game card is also relatively smaller than the other bingo games, as players only have to mark off nine numbers, and the three columns are:

  • The first column has numbers 1 through 10
  • The second offers numbers 11 through 20
  • The third contains numbers 21 through 30

The layout of the cards in a 30 Ball Bingo means that it is easy games to understand by any player as all players have to do is complete the card and mark off all nine numbers to win!

What are some strategies used in 30-ball online bingo?

The 30-ball online bingo is different from its counterparts – 75, 80 and 90-ball online bingo, and the strategy employed in this online bingo will be different from the others. Some of the strategies which players need to utilise when playing this bingo are:

The 30-ball online bingo is known as the speed bingo, and one of the greatest strategies a player needs to utilise is speed. The numbers come very quickly and are drawn at a much faster rate than other bingos, which means that players need to be fast.